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in loving memory of

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Shayna Odom
[June 24, 1976 - August 13, 2019]
For 10 years, I like many others suffered in silence from reoccurring, debilitating pain that left me extremely fatigued and diminished my desire to interact socially. I sought the help of numerous physicians across multiple disciplines that were able to assist with treating symptoms, but weren't able to determine a holistic root cause to develop a long-term treatment plan.  
Shayna helped me restore my physical health and is a big part of the reason I had the capacity to create this website.  I was able to heal from the inside out and now have the tools I need to properly care for myself for the remainder of my lifetime. She was a gifted healer and angel walking amongst us that I'm incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with. I will honor her life by bestowing the blessings I have received to others indefinitely.

about taryn

I've spent the past two decades giving back to my local community and beyond, particularly in Brazil, Costa Rica and Thailand where I've volunteered to teach English and helped implement Sports and Technology programs for children. I've remained connected with my high school awarding annual scholarships and sponsorships to student athletes on the girls basketball team that exhibit good character on and off the court.
As an employee of Turner Sports, I have served as a board member for Ladies in Tech at Turner an organization that helps to connect, grow and celebrate women in tech, and I'm a persistent advocate for initiatives with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion and Gender Equality.
In addition to philanthropic and professional work, I've started to expand my presence in the technology space with a goal of helping to close race and gender gaps that exist within the discipline. 
I'm grateful for everyone in my life that helps me maintain my mental, emotional, physical health, and for those supporting me along a deeper spiritual journey.
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