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tech tribe

bridging gaps

we're aligned in our commitment to help eradicate gender and race disparities in tech.

we've partnered to help bridge those gaps by simply being who we are while expanding our technology footprint.

we believe growth is attainable for anyone seeking it.

sometimes we need a little help connecting the dots to accomplish goals.

as a unit, we provide the tactical and strategic expertise to bridge technical gaps.

who we are
the tribe
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shavonn brown

Shavonn is a self taught developer that published her first website at 16. She is the mother of two teenagers, a part time student, full time employed developer and flat out bad ass.

She persistently keeps up with tech trends, collects trophies at hackathons, travels worldwide to attend tech conferences, network and expand the reach of her technology footprint.

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delicia brummitt

Delicia is a multifaceted software engineer capable of architecting, managing development and coding across all areas of tech. She's particularly gifted in the video acquisition and live streaming space as she is able to manipulate, encode and route content to a desired destination. We haven't completely tapped into her brilliant mind, but we are making progress cracking it.  She. Is. Dope.

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taryn felder

Taryn thinks she's the MVP of the crew but is the coxswain at best. Similar to her rowing counterpart she is significantly smaller and lighter than everyone else and her role is to steer and direct the work queue of the tribe. She does not write code [she may start again] but has the uncanny ability to extract information needed to fill gaps of white space and blind spots ensuring project delivery.

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kheri hicks

Kheri is a brilliant data scientist. She can extract, analyze, and synthesize any data set into an actionable plan that accomplishes the business objective. She is a free spirit that enjoys playing video games, collecting trophies at hackathons and ensures she can only be found online when she allows it. She is our Keyser Soze and if you find a photo of her online we'll give you $100.

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