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Bangkok Noi Is More Than A Canal

I decided to forego any form of meaningful sleep after getting a glimpse of the Bangkok Noi Canal during my Tuk Tuk tour last night.  I only had a few hours left in the city before flying to Nan and wanted to make the best of it.  I actually thought the long-tail boats would be the "attraction" for me, but I quickly realized I was experiencing much more than a tour of a canal. Here are a few photos from the beginning of the tour.

I was intrigued after seeing the vast display of culture and community so I did a little research on the history of the canal.  It appears the canals were originally built for protection from invasion and to speed up voyages for foreign merchants.  As I ventured down the canal, I saw remnants of old navy ships, old temples still in use today, museums and other historical artifacts.  What was most prevalent for me was the discovery of the present day necessity of the canal.  Obviously the canal is used for tourism, but its so so so much more.  The people that live along the canal are the operators of the boats used for tours, fisherman that need the fish to feed their families, worshipers in the sacred temples along the canal, and I even saw a family using the canal to bathe.  You truly have to experience the canal for yourself to understand it's symbolism present day, but here a some photos that will provide a glimpse into my travels today.

I guess no matter what I'm still taking all this in as a tourist because feeding the catfish in the canal gave me LIFE.  The little girl in me came out and I think I even squealed from excitement at one point.

We ventured down the canal a few more minutes and the tour ended at a private dock rich in history and tradition.  I'm eternally grateful for this experience today!

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