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Final Day In Bangkok

I crammed as many activities into this trip as I could and my final day was no different.  I flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and had a full itinerary planned.  I booked a tour guide and driver for the day to fit it all in.

The first stop was the Golden Buddha temple which has a 100% gold statue weighing 5.5 tons.

I was hungry by this point so we made a quick detour onto an alley that was full of restaurants with the local lunch crowd. The juice I had was made from some sort of flower.  I was told alot of the "juice" drinks I tried while there were made from flowers. My lunch was fantastic.

The next scheduled stop was the Grand Palace which is designed after the Buckingham Palace in London.

Next up was at the Reclining Buddha temple which has a statue that's 45 meters long [148 ft].

Last but definitely not least was getting a Sak Yant Tatto from a Monk and at a temple nonetheless.  This isn't an easy task for locals so its really difficult for foreign travelers with limited time.  Add to that the complexity of finding a Monk that's willing to perform Sak Yant on a female.  I didn't try to find or schedule a session with a Monk prior to arriving in Thailand which based on logic would decrease my chances. I just said, if it's supposed to happen it will.  I. Got. A. Sak Yant Tattoo. From. A. Monk. At. A. Temple.

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