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Ghanian Herbalist That Uses Quantum Technology

Thursday was business as usual in the ER with an overflow of patients, rounds with Dr. Moro and the daily nicknames continued.  On Tuesday my nickname was ‘Trump', on Wednesday Dr. Moro started calling me ‘American Money’ and Thursday Yvonne gave me a name that caught me off guard making me blush.  She yelled across the diaspora in the ER to get my attention, screamed as if annoyed ‘Where’s your boyfriend Dr. Moro’ and just like that I became ‘Dr. Moro’s girlfriend’ on Thursday. While her gesture was meant to be funny and innocent Dr. Moro’s interactions with me shifted and I became a female colleague that he wanted to know more about on a personal level.

Despite the playful fuckery I had another great day in the ER. There were a couple of noteworthy cases | patients.  There was a woman that came in with lower abdominal pain and expressed it was painful to urinate. This was the first time I saw this patient, and Dr. Moro had diagnosed her with a UTI the previous day. I looked at the way she was laying on her right side, her posture, body language, etc and knew there was more going on.  I pushed Dr. Moro to ask more questions about her pain specifically if she had more pain on her left side, menstrual cycles, and bowel movements.  She expressed she didn’t have pain in her left side [I told Dr. Moro her body language was saying she had pain on left side but may not be aware], and that she hadn’t had a movement in 4 days after I encouraged Dr. Moro to ask her a series of questions on that topic.  He added constipation to his original diagnosis of a UTI and while I hoped he’d give her a physical examination I was happy he ordered an ultrasound. Dr. Moro reached out to me the following day since I wasn’t in the ER to let me know her ultrasound showed an infection in her left ovary.

The second case was a woman who was in the ER screaming from pain and the overnight doctor had diagnosed her with ‘hysteria’ which I was told was common in that ER. Dr. Moro explained that women come in frequently after their boyfriend’s break up with them and want attention. This woman was surrounded by 10 family members and friends that were praying and speaking in tongues which seemed to solidify the diagnosis for the ER staff. 

[side note: Dr. Moro said the 'US and China are leaders in technology and that they’re training pastors in Ghana’ after we walked past the woman an he refused to talk to her.]

Dr. Moro insisted I talk to her solo to see for myself, I reluctantly had a casual conversation with her [since I don't have training in this area] that went NOWHERE, but will admit I didn’t want the ER staff to be right. Dr. Moro let me know she confessed the following day that she caught her boyfriend in bed with her friend.

I spent the afternoon with Dr. Harry Dei a local herbalist. I showed him the poster with the artwork he inspired one of the volunteers to draw.  We had a good conversation about his lineage of herbalists on both his maternal and paternal sides of his family. I was pleasantly surprised by the technology he was using. I wanted to go thru the process with the Quantum Machine he uses to help determine treatment plans for his clients. The scan took one minute and generated a 20 page report with insight into every organ in my body. After researching the machine for myself I learned that its powered by a single qubit that I recently learned from X during our flight delay is at the center of Google’s current AI research. There are many people that feel the machine is a scam and while I don’t know enough about physiology or anatomy to have an educated opinion, I can say my personal results from the scan confirmed every diagnosis I’ve received over the course of my lifetime, and my sensitivities to certain foods that I’ve been obsessively monitoring the past few years. In addition to the Quantum Magnetic Analyzer that’s sold on Amazon for $85, he also uses the Oberon Quantum Machine that performs energy analysis on the basis of bio-resonance. I didn’t have the energy analysis performed but after researching a bit my curiosity was peaked and I wish I had.  Here are photos of each machine.

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2 commentaires

03 sept. 2019

Fa sho! My negotiation skills are prime after my Ghana trip so I'm gonna tell Amazon we need a 2 for 1 deal.


E. Adams
E. Adams
02 sept. 2019

Soooo....we going half on a new quantum analyzer, or nah? I'm intrigued by the machine!

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