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Si Mongkhon Temple + Silaphet Waterfall

I've been going non-stop since arriving in Nan yesterday for my volunteer assignment.  The staff here is fantastic but Jiew is my favorite and not just because she's the chef.  She's been cracking jokes at my expense from the MOMENT I met her telling me she was going to make my food spicier every day I'm here to burn my mouth.  She's kept her promise so far since the food was "number 1 spice" yesterday and today was "number 2 spice" as she calls it.

I spent the morning in orientation learning a little about Nan with Jack the country director for CCS, and Jia the Program Assistant walked me thru my volunteer assignment at a daycare, followed by a brief Thai language lesson.  After lunch we visited the Si Mongkhon Temple which is the nicest in the Nan Province.

The staff was really excited about going to the Silaphet Waterfall.  I obviously didn't know what to expect with the exception of Jiew's threat to throw me into the waterfall earlier in the midst of what's become our normal banter.  She started splashing me as soon as I stepped off the ledge and did indeed try her very best to dunk me in the water, so I had to drag a 50+ woman into ICE cold water to avoid it myself.  She. Started. It. I know my food is going to be super spicy tomorrow...

I ended the day with a night bike ride to the grocery store with Jia .  I kept riding on the wrong side of the street out of habit and Jia just laughed instead of correcting me.  The staff here is a fun spirited bunch for sure.  Since I'm the only volunteer here Jia, Jiew and Joom are staying at the home base with me this week.  They all show me tough love as does my family so I feel right at home.

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